fitting together the teeter-totter base
Photo: Wendell T. Webber

Step 14: Assemble the Base

Make the teeter-totter base by creating two box-shaped sides connected by crosspieces. To build the bottom of the first side, push together an elbow, a 19-inch pipe, a tee, another 19-inch pipe, and another elbow. Repeat to build the top. Connect the top and bottom by inserting a 3¼-inch pipe, a tee, and another 3¼-inch pipe between the elbow at each end of the top and bottom. Build a second side, and install 14½-inch pipes between the tees in the center of the bottom and sides of the frame sides. Set the frame fittings using a block and a hammer, but do not tighten the top crosspiece and one corner. Wrap stripes of yellow tape around the base to make it easier for your dog to see.
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    Tools List

    • pvc saw
      Pull Saw
    • drill
      with 1/16-inch bit, 3/8-inch bit, 5/8-inch paddle bit
    • combination square
      Combination Square
    • hammer
    • block wood
      Wood Block

    Shopping List

    1 ½-inch schedule 40 PVC pipe. Get 100 feet.

    1 ½-inch PVC tees. Get 22.

    1 ½-inch PVC elbows. Get 10.

    1 ½-inch PVC end caps. Get 16.

    2-inch PVC. Get 12 inches.

    1x12 laminated shelving board. Get one 8-foot board

    2-inch U-strap. Get two.

    1½-inch 3/8-inch flathead bolts. Get four.

    3/8-inch washers. Get 16.

    3/8-inch locknuts. Get four.3/4-inch metal strapping

    3/4-inch sheet metal screws

    1-inch drywall screws

    Clear PVC cleaner

    Electrical tape in red, blue, and yellow

    Painter's tape

    Exterior primer

    Exterior flat paint in yellow

    Antiskid additive

    3 pounds of gravel