handsaw cutting pvc pipe pipe
Photo: Wendell T. Webber

Step 2: Cut the Bar Rests

To create the cups on which the ends of the jump bars rest, mark four tees at the center outlet on one side of the middle line. Insert a scrap piece of pipe in one end of the tee to hold on to, and clamp the other end of the tee to a work surface. Cut the line using a pull saw, then turn the tee and cut parallel to it to remove the larger side of the center outlet. The leftover cup will hold the jump bars in place while allowing them to dislodge easily so that your dog can't be injured.
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    Tools List

    • pvc saw
      Pull Saw
    • drill
      with 1/16-inch bit, 3/8-inch bit, 5/8-inch paddle bit
    • combination square
      Combination Square
    • hammer
    • block wood
      Wood Block

    Shopping List

    1 ½-inch schedule 40 PVC pipe. Get 100 feet.

    1 ½-inch PVC tees. Get 22.

    1 ½-inch PVC elbows. Get 10.

    1 ½-inch PVC end caps. Get 16.

    2-inch PVC. Get 12 inches.

    1x12 laminated shelving board. Get one 8-foot board

    2-inch U-strap. Get two.

    1½-inch 3/8-inch flathead bolts. Get four.

    3/8-inch washers. Get 16.

    3/8-inch locknuts. Get four.3/4-inch metal strapping

    3/4-inch sheet metal screws

    1-inch drywall screws

    Clear PVC cleaner

    Electrical tape in red, blue, and yellow

    Painter's tape

    Exterior primer

    Exterior flat paint in yellow

    Antiskid additive

    3 pounds of gravel