Step 7: Reinforce Framework for Tomatoes

To give her tomatoes a sturdy framework, Thyrza builds them a four-legged tower (bottom). First, she drives 6-foot metal stakes into the ground in a 2½-foot-sided square. Then she ties straight apple cuttings in big X's to the outside of the stakes and tops the tower with crossed arches made of bent twigs tied to the opposing stakes. Tomatoes ripen within easy reach.
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    Tools List

    • gloves
      Gardening gloves
    • hand trowel
    • bypass pruners
      Anvil pruner

    Shopping List

    1. Branches, which can be gathered, or can be purchased at garden centers for about $20 for a bundle of 20 to 25

    2. Twine

    3. Potting soil 4. Seedlings

    5. Plastic-coated metal garden stakes

    6. Brown spray paint