Step 1: Lay Out the Framework

Sort sticks by length; use the longest ones first. Cut lightweight twine into a bunch of 5- to 6-inch lengths and set aside. Push support sticks straight into the ground, 6 inches deep, at each end of the trellis and in the middle. Fasten twine to the supports at either end, just above the ground, as a guide for keeping a straight line. Then cut measuring sticks, one 5 inches for spacing, one 3 feet as a height check.

Homeowner Tip: Thyrza Whittemore, Middlebury, Conn. says,
"For quantities of sticks, offer to pick up prunings from a local landscaper or orchardist in early spring. Their disposal problem could become your treasure trove."
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    Tools List

    • gloves
      Gardening gloves
    • hand trowel
    • bypass pruners
      Anvil pruner

    Shopping List

    1. Branches, which can be gathered, or can be purchased at garden centers for about $20 for a bundle of 20 to 25

    2. Twine

    3. Potting soil 4. Seedlings

    5. Plastic-coated metal garden stakes

    6. Brown spray paint