Step 2: Assemble the Pieces

Lay out the pieces of the rack on a flat surface. Place the tees and elbows in line with the pipes, but don’t attach them yet—once connected, they can’t be pulled apart. Check that the pot rack is even and square, accounting for ½ inch of pipe inside each connection and ¾ inch on each side of the corners. Assemble the rack by pushing the pipes into the connectors as far as they will go.
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    Tools List

    • tubing cutter
      Tubing Cutter

    • smart driver
      Drill/driver outfitted with a -inch bit

    Shopping List

    1.¾-inch copper pipe

    2. Three 5 foot lengths of pipe

    3. Seventeen ¾-inch push-fit copper tees

    4. Four ¾ -inch push-fit copper elbows

    5. Five ¾-inch threaded male adaptors

    6. ¾-inch female floor flanges - To attach the pot rack to the wall

    7. ½-inch self-tapping screws – To secure the pot rack to the floor flanges

    8. No. 10 screws and wall anchors