Step 1: Cut the Pipe Sections

Create a diagram of your pot rack design, including detailed measurements for each section of pipe. Where each pipe attaches to a connector, be sure to subtract the size of the connectors—½ inch for a tee and ¾ inch for an elbow—from the length of the pipe section. Include in the diagram five tees for mounting the pot rack on the wall: one at each corner 2 inches from the elbows on the vertical sides and one in the middle of the center rail. Make a cut list from the drawing. Using a tubing cutter, cut all the pipe sections to length. 

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    Tools List

    • tubing cutter
      Tubing Cutter

    • smart driver
      Drill/driver outfitted with a -inch bit

    Shopping List

    1.¾-inch copper pipe

    2. Three 5 foot lengths of pipe

    3. Seventeen ¾-inch push-fit copper tees

    4. Four ¾ -inch push-fit copper elbows

    5. Five ¾-inch threaded male adaptors

    6. ¾-inch female floor flanges - To attach the pot rack to the wall

    7. ½-inch self-tapping screws – To secure the pot rack to the floor flanges

    8. No. 10 screws and wall anchors