Step 8: Patina the Bucket Surface

To give the metal bucket a patina to match the feet, brush on a wash that's 1 part white paint to 3 parts polyurethane. Then dab with a rag until you achieve the look you want. Let dry, and place your new umbrella stand by the front door so that it's ready to be christened on the first rainy day.
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    Tools List

    • Natural Bristle Brush
    • pencil compass
    • jigsaw
    • table vise
    • drill
    • ratchet wrench

    Shopping List

    1. 3 Cast-iron Bathtub Feet, from salvage yards like Zaborski Emporium

    2. Clear Polyurethane

    3. Galvanized-tin Flower Bucket

    4. ¾-inch Plywood5. 2-inch Bolts with Nuts

    6. duct tape

    7. White Paint

    8. rag