Step 3: Drill Out the Tub Feet

drill out the tub feet
Photo: Kristine Larsen
Clamp the feet to your worktable or in a vise (as shown), and drill holes through the iron brackets that extend from the backs of the feet. Some may already have holes or slots, depending on how they were attached to the tub they supported.
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    Tools List

    • Natural Bristle Brush
    • pencil compass
    • jigsaw
    • table vise
    • drill
    • ratchet wrench

    Shopping List

    1. 3 Cast-iron Bathtub Feet, from salvage yards like Zaborski Emporium

    2. Clear Polyurethane

    3. Galvanized-tin Flower Bucket

    4. ¾-inch Plywood5. 2-inch Bolts with Nuts

    6. duct tape

    7. White Paint

    8. rag