Step 3: Mix Hypertufa Ingredients

Wearing gloves, dust mask, and goggles, mix the cement, peat, and perlite in a large tub or trough. (For quantities of all ingredients, see "The Recipe" on the overview page.) Add the water and acrylic fortifier a bit at a time, turning the mix thoroughly so it sticks together but is not runny. Fluff up the nylon reinforcing fibers and add them to the mix. You should be able to form the fiber-reinforced mix into a solid ball that doesn't fall apart.
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    Tools List

    • hammer
    • Natural-bristle chip brush
    • latex gloves
    • dust mask
      Dust mask
    • eye goggles
    • bucket
      Bucket or pail
    • hand trowel
      Garden trowel
    • Coarse wire brush
    • mallet
    • block wood
      Small piece of scrap wood for tamping

    Shopping List

    1. Form materials
    Pine shelf board, plywood, foam insulation, or cardboard boxes will work. Beveled panels for decorative recess are optional. (See Overview)

    2. ½-inch multi-purpose screws

    3. Releasing agent
    Melted paraffin or petroleum jelly will work.

    4. 2½-inch-tall PVC pipe pieces
    Paper towel spool pieces will also work.

    5. Cement
    (5-9 for hypertufa mix; See "The Recipe" in Overview)

    6. Peat

    7. Perlite

    8. Liquid acrylic

    9. Nylon reinforcing fibers

    10. Plastic sheeting

    11. Wire mesh

    12. Seedlings

    13. Soil