Step 1: Rake Out the Bed Joints.

Scrape out the horizontal joints to a depth of at least ¾ inch. (Joints wider than ½ inch have to be deeper: 2½ times the joint's width.) A carbide-tipped grout saw (below) works well on these ¼-inch-wide "butter joints." (On wider joints, use a cold chisel and an engineer's hammer.) Avoid electric angle grinders. Unless you’re trained to use them, they're almost guaranteed to cut into and disfigure the brick.
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    Tools List

    • Carbide-tipped grout saw
    • cold chisel
      Cold chisel
    • brick hammer
      Engineer's hammer
    • painter's tool
      5-in-1 painter's tool
    • Stiff-bristled brush
    • mason's trowel
      Tuck-pointing trowel
    • drill
      Drill/driver with abrasive wheel attachment
    • garden hose
      Hose and nozzle
    • brick trowel
      Brick trowel or hawk
    • tarp

    Shopping List

    1. Lime Mortar

    2. Sponge