glue the baluster supports in place
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Step 2: Glue the baluster supports in place

Line up the balusters next to the edges of the MDF. Squeeze several strips of wood glue onto each baluster, one baluster at a time. Leave a few inches of space between the strips of wood glue. In the spaces, put down dabs of fast-setting cyanoacrylate glue.

If you are using two-part cyanoacrylate glue, spray it with activator. Quickly turn over the baluster onto the MDF, line it up, and hold it in place while the cyanoacrylate sets. This glue acts as a clamp while the wood glue dries into a strong bond.
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    Tools List

    • miterbox with saw
      Miter box with backsaw
    • drill
      Drill/driver fitted with 4-inch and 2¾-inch hole saws
    • hand clamps
      Spring clamps
    • drop cloth
      Plastic drop cloth
    • utility knife
      Utility knife
    • framing square
      Framing square
    • hacksaw

    Shopping List

    One 2x4-foot sheet of ¾-inch medium-density fiberboard

    Five deck balusters

    Wood glue

    Cyanoacrylate glue
    (aka Krazy Glue)

    1½ yards of 72—inch—wide green felt

    Spray adhesive

    3-inch PVC pipe fitting
    (coupling, cap, or adapter)Five composite wood balusters
    (such as Trex)

    Outdoor welcome mat
    or artificial turf

    Two 5-gallon buckets

    Duct tape

    Three 2-inch PVC elbows

    Flexible plastic sign

    Note: Materials list is for a single panel. The course shown is made up of four panels.