Step 3: Paint the Outlines

Carter started out with walls painted a neutral pale blue and used Benjamin Moore's Blair Gold for the outlines, applying it right over the chalk with a round artist's brush and long, smooth strokes. Let the paint dry. Then gently erase the remaining grid with a damp cloth so that it won't distract you during Step 4.

TOH Tip: To make smooth, curving lines, use a round #12 artist's brush, which offers more control than a housepainter's brush. Robert Simmons brush: PearlPaint
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    Tools List

    • Pencil
    • two-foot level
    • folding ruler
    • chalk line
      School chalk and/or Chalk Line with pale chalk dust
    • Painter's Tape
      Painter's Tape (to protect baseboard and molding)
    • artist's brush
      Rounded Artist's Brush, such as a #12

    Shopping List

    1. Tracing paper

    2. Pattern such as a length of wallpaper, fabric, or wrapping paper, or a photocopied image of a patterned object, such as a rug

    3. Damp cloth

    4. Interior latex paint in three colors