Step 2: Remove Apron and Stool Moldings

Flip the Door
Photo: Kristine Larsen
Flip the door faceup and gently pry off the apron and stool moldings (you'll use these to make the shelf). To prevent the wood from splitting, loosen a corner, then work the pry bar down the line. Now stand the door against a wall.
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    Tools List

    • flat prybar
      Pry Bar
    • Pencil
    • jigsaw
    • hand plane
    • random orbit sander
      Palm Sander
    • drill
    • caulk gun
      Caulk Gun

    Shopping List

    1. Windowed cottage door: about $350-$600, The Bank Architectural Antiques

    2. Mirror glass

    3. Antiqued-bronze hooks, Pottery Barn

    4. Sandpaper

    5. Wood glue6. 3-inch trim-head screws

    7. 4-inch screws

    8. Finish nails

    9. Silicone adhesive for mirror glass

    10. Plywood for mirror back