Step 1: Fill Old Hinge Mortises

Fill old hinge mortises in both shutters with an epoxy filler. Let dry, and use a rasp to smooth the buildup. To turn two single shutters into a bifold, you must also remove the rabbets (light-blocking strips where opposing pairs of shutters come together). Cut these off with a jigsaw to create smooth edges.
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    Tools List

    • drill
    • chisel
    • utility knife
      Utility knife
    • Phillips screwdriver
    • flathead screwdriver
    • rasp

    Shopping List

    1. 2 vintage interior shutters

    2. 1 pair of wrap-around shutter hinges

    3. 1 pair of no-mortise hinges

    4. Cabinet door pull

    5. Paint and primer

    6. Epoxy filler