Step 1: Lay out and cut the parts

Using a combination square and a compass, lay out the feeder’s six individual pieces on a 2-foot-long 1x6 cedar: three 3½-inch squares, one 4½-inch square, and two 3¼-inch-diameter circles.

Clamp the cedar to a worktable. Using a jigsaw, cut out the circles and squares.

Cut the four 4-inch-long perches from the ¼-inch dowel.

Using a random-orbit sander or sanding block with 120-grit paper, sand the pieces so that they are smooth and free of splinters. (Make sure the dust bag is on the back of the sander.)

To parents: A jigsaw can send dust and splinters flying. Be sure everyone is wearing safety glasses before you cut.
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    Tools List

    • 30-foot tape measure
      Tape measure
    • combination square
      Combination square or framing square
    • pencil compass
    • safety glasses
      Safety glasses
    • bar clamps
      Bar clamps
    • jigsaw
    • random orbit sander
      Random-orbit sander or sanding block with 120-grit sandpaper
    • hammer
    • drill
      Drill/driver fitted with ¼-inch bit and ½-inch spade bit
    • scissors
    • wire cable snips
      Wire cutters
    • Phillips screwdriver

    Shopping List

    1. 2 feet of 1x6 cedar

    2. 2 feet of ¼-inch dowel

    3. 120-grit sandpaper

    4. Wood glue

    5. 4d finish nails

    6. -inch rubber grommet

    7. Epoxy8. Copper-topped post cap for a 4x4

    9. 1-liter soda bottle

    10. Three feet of 5⁄32-inch vinyl-covered wire

    11. -inch blued tacks

    12. Eye screw