Step 1: Get the Sash Out

• Pry off or unscrew the stops (the moldings in front of the lower sash).

• Pull out the lower sash, and take off the cords or chains on both sides.

• Knot the cords to keep them from being pulled into the weight pockets.

• Remove the parting beads (the vertical strips holding the upper sash).

• Pull out the upper sash, and take off its cords or chains.

• Remove the sash hardware and store in a labeled bag.
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    Tools List

    • flat prybar
      Pry Bar
    • flathead screwdriver
      Flat-Head Screwdriver
    • electric heat gun
      Heat Gun (with nozzle shield)
    • utility knife
      Utility Knife
    • putty knife
      Putty Knife
    • dremel
      Dremel (with carving bit)
    • Natural Bristle Brush
      Natural Bristle Brush (for oil-based primer)
    • synthetic brush
      Synthetic Filament Brush (for top coat)

    Shopping List

    1. Flexible Epoxy Wood Repair System

    2. Plexiglas

    3. Glazing Compound

    4. Glazier's Points

    5. Oil-based Primer

    6. Acrylic Latex Paint

    7. Weatherstripping, if needed

    8. Silicon Spray

    9. Sash Cord or Chains