Step 1: Assemble The Bench Kit

Leave off the upper shelf. Next, cut a piece of scrap wood to the length of the bench top and secure it to the back edge with 1½-inch stainless-steel screws. Combined with wood braces that link the strip to the bench's back legs, the assembly will give the bench extra strength to hold the 50-pound sink.
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    Tools List

    • drill
    • 16-foot tape measure
      Tape Measure
    • framing square
      Framing Square
    • carpenter's pencil
      Carpenter's Pencil
    • jigsaw

    Shopping List

    1. Salvaged cast-iron sink

    2. Potting bench kit

    3. Sunbrella fabric

    4. Stainless steel screws

    5. Silicone caulk

    6. Dowels

    7. Painter's Tape