Step 3: Cut the slots

Using a straightedge and combination square, mark slots 3 inches in from the edges on the front, sides, and crosspiece—down from the top on the sides, up from the bottom on the front and crosspiece (see overview). Make the long slots (on the sides and front) 14¼ inches deep and the short slots (on the crosspiece and sides) 2¼ inches deep.

Using a drill/driver, make -inch holes inside the corners of the slots. Cut the slots with a jigsaw, using the holes to turn the blade.
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    Tools List

    • 30-foot tape measure
      Tape measure
    • combination square
      Combination square
    • hand clamps
      Spring clamps
    • drill
      Drill/driver fitted with -inch bit
    • jigsaw
    • random orbit sander
      Random-orbit sander
    • paintroller
      Paintbrush and roller
    • safety glasses
      Safety glasses
    • straightedge guide

    Shopping List

    1. 4-by-8-foot sheet of ½-inch birch veneer plywood

    2. Two 5-foot lengths of ¾-inch PVC pipe

    3. Two ¾-inch PVC end caps

    4. 120-grit sandpaper

    5. Latex primer6. Exterior latex paint

    7. Colored markers

    8. Card stock

    9. Velcro tape

    10. String

    11. Clothespins