Step 4: Line the Pond

Cut a piece of liner to be 4 or more feet wider and longer than the pond. Center the liner over the hole so there are 1 to 2 feet of excess on one side and the rest of the excess is on the opposite side. Set two stones on the shorter excess to hold the liner in place. Beginning at this end, press the liner down along the inside edge and then along the bottom of the hole, working your way around the pond. Smooth out creases and folds and push the liner tightly into crevices.

Reader Tip
"Avoid building your pond directly under a tree or you'll find yourself cleaning quite a few soggy leaves in the fall."
—Dave Martin, Natick, MA
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    Tools List

    • pointed shovel
    • four-foot level
    • 30-foot tape measure
      Tape Measure
    • utility knife
      Utility Knife
    • garden hose
      Garden Hose

    Shopping List

    1. Pond Liner, which is available off the roll at garden centers or precut in kits. Buy one 4 feet longer and wider than your pond dimensions to fit 18 inches deep.

    2. General Purpose Sand to cover and smooth over stones or roots. Three or four bags should be enough.

    3. Newspaper or Burlap to cover the sand.

    4. Scrap 2x4 to help level the pond.

    5. Pea Gravel to create drainage for overflow.

    6. Large Rocks to create the border and waterfall. Gather them from around the pond or buy them at a stone yard. 7. Submersible Recirculating Pump to keep water aerated and to create a waterfall. Get one that pumps 200 or fewer gallons per minute for a gentle flow.

    8. Air Line Tubing to carry the water to the waterfall. Available at hardware stores or pet stores that sell fish tanks.

    9. 2-inch PVC conduit to protect the buried pump