Step 7: Install flashing

Staple 18-inch-wide strips of 15-pound roofing felt around the perimeter of the skylight frame. Then install the sill flashing along the bottom of the skylight. Next, nail step flashing and roof shingles up each side of the skylight. Cover all four sides of the sash frame with the aluminum counter-flashing provided. Then install the head flashing, slipping it under the course of roof shingles immediately above the skylight. Screw the head flashing to the sides of the frame. Cover the head flashing with roofing felt and nail back all the remaining roof shingles.
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    Tools List

    • 16-foot tape measure
      Tape measure
    • hammer
    • drill
    • drywall saw
      Drywall saw
    • reciprocating saw
      Reciprocating saw
    • drywall knife
      Drywall knife

    Shopping List

    1. Venting skylight with flashing kit

    2. 2x4s
    used to reframe sill

    3. 2x12
    used to form a header over the skylight

    4. 15-pound roofing felt

    5. Drywall
    used to cover the interior surfaces around the skylight

    6. Corner bead
    used to protect the drywall corners

    7. Joint compound

    8. Drywall tape

    9. 1 1/2-inch drywall nails
    used to attach corner bead

    10. 1/2-inch plywood
    used to create viewing shelf

    11. Primer and paint