Install fluted columns with urethane adhesive and galvanized finishing nails
Photo: Smith/ Baer

Step 7: Install fluted columns

Cut the fluted columns to size with a circular saw or handsaw, and install them with urethane adhesive and galvanized finishing nails (as with the pediment).
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    Tools List

    • hammer
    • drill
    • circular saw
      Circle saw
    • hacksaw

    Shopping List

    1. Replacement entry door
    2. Urethane-foam exterior trim
    includes crosshead pediment and fluted columns

    3. Aluminum storm door

    4. Urethane adhesive
    used to adhere exterior trim

    5. Silicone caulk
    for sealing underneath new threshold

    5. 1 5/8-inch roofing nails
    used to secure new doorframe

    6. Straightedge
    used as a saw guide when trimming the siding

    7. 3-inch (10d) galvanized finishing nails
    for attaching urethane trim

    8. Exterior-grade putty
    used to fill nail holes in trim