Step 6: Build the roof

Stand the triangular gable ends on edge with the cut-off corners to the back, 
and clamp them in place on top of each side of the bottom box. Use pieces of scrap wood to bridge the seam, and brace them so that they stay vertical. Be sure not to glue or nail these gable ends down—they are meant to be the forms on which the roof is built, and assembling the pieces in place on the box will ensure that the roof ends up straight.

Glue and nail the shorter roof section onto the gable ends, aligning it so that the angled edge is centered over the peak of the gables and the back edge is even with the back of the box. It should be perfectly centered at the top but overhang the cut-off corner of each gable by about ½ inch.

Position the front of the roof to meet up with the back so that the angled edges form a tight peak. The front of the roof should overhang the front of the box.
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    Tools List

    • 30-foot tape measure
      Tape measure
    • combination square
      Combination square
    • straightedge guide
    • adjustable clamp
      Adjustable clamps
    • safety glasses
      Safety glasses
    • jigsaw
    • random orbit sander
      Random-orbit sander
    • bar clamps
      36-inch bar clamp
    • hammer with nailset
      Hammer and nailset
    • drill
      Drill/driver fitted with -inch bit
    • putty knife
      Putty knife
    • paint brush and roller
      Small paint rollers and brush
    • Phillips screwdriver

    Shopping List

    1. 4-by-4-foot piece of ½-inch birch plywood

    2. 120-grit sandpaper

    3. Stainable wood glue

    4. Rag

    5. 4d finish nails

    6. Stainable wood putty
    7. Four 2-inch casters

    8. Satin-finish latex paint
    in red, white, and silver

    9. Painter’s tape

    10. 30-inch continuous hinge

    11. Two toy box spring lid supports
    (one left and one right)