Step 3: Remove the bonnet

The faucet handle isn't the only thing between Richard and the cartridge; he must unscrew the bonnet——being careful not to scratch this chrome cover for the cartridge assembly—with a pair of slip-joint pliers. Then he uses needlenosed pliers to grab the U-shaped retainer clip, which slides through the faucet base and around the cartridge to secure it in place. As he takes out the pieces, he carefully lines them up to the side so he's sure not to lose anything or mix up the order of the parts when it's time to reassemble the faucet.

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    Tools List

    • pocket knife
      Pocket knife, used to pry off the plastic cap)
    • Phillips screwdriver
      Screwdriver, for removing the screw that holds the handle in place)
    • adjustable pliers
      Slip-joint pliers, to unscrew the bonnet and grip the stem)
    • needlenose pliers
      Needlenosed pliers, for grabbing the retainer clip)

    Shopping List

    1. Faucet Replacement Cartridge (Bring the old one to the store with you to match it.)

    2. Valve O-Rings, if necessary

    3. Plumber's grease, if replacing the O-rings