Step 9: Assemble the stilts

Brace the flat side of the tread assembly against the flat side of the pole, lining up the holes in the support with the two lowest holes in the pole. Thread a carriage bolt through the pole and the support at each hole. Slide a fender washer, then a lock washer, then a wing nut over the end of each bolt. Tighten the nut. You can change the height of the treads by moving them to align with higher holes.

Fit a rubber foot over the bottom of each pole.
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    Tools List

    • circular saw
      Circular saw or jigsaw
    • hammer
    • drill
      Drill/driver fitted with #6 countersink bit and 5/16-inch drill bit
    • random orbit sander
      Random-orbit sander
    • 30-foot tape measure
      Tape measure
    • straightedge guide

    Shopping List

    1. 12 feet of 1½-inch diameter pine handrail
    (round on one side, flat on the other)

    2. 3 feet of 1x8 poplar

    3. Wood glue

    4. 3d nails

    5. 2-inch deck screws6. 1¼-inch deck screws

    7. Four ¼ x 3½-inch carriage bolts
    with fender washers, lock washers and wingnuts

    8. 120-grit sandpaper

    9. One pair of 1½-inch rubber feet (sometimes used for furniture or canes)