Step 5: Affix the entablature

Flip the frame faceup, and use the construction adhesive to affix the decorative entablature to the 2x4 top. Secure the entablature with clamps.
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    Tools List

    • drill
      Drill driver
    • caulk gun
      Caulk gun
    • hand clamps
    • pocket hole jig
      Pocket hole jig
    • gloves
      Gloves for handling mirror

    Shopping List

    1. Entablature top from salvaged door casing

    2. Pre-primed pilasters

    3. Bead molding

    4. Plywood backer board

    5. Mirror glass

    6. Mirror glue
    7. Lumber for top and plinth blocks

    8. 1-inch finish screws

    9. 1½-inch washer head screws
    to use with pocket hole jig

    10. Paint

    11. Primer

    12. Paintbrushes

    13. Construction adhesive