Step 3: Insert the weatherstripping

Tom takes one end of the weatherstripping and pushes its barbed tongue into one end of the slot. As he works up the slot, he's careful not to stretch the weatherstripping; it will return to its original length and leave gaps. A couple of inches from the slot's opposite end, he gauges the proper length and cuts the strip with scissors. (Another method eliminates the possibility of stretching: Cut the product to length first, fit its ends into the ends of the slot, then push in the barb at the halfway point. Continue to push at each of the quarter points, and so on until the entire strip is secure.) It's not necessary to miter the ends where they meet at the head jamb; a butt joint seals best. To finish, drive the weatherstripping into its slot with a spline roller. Check the installation by shutting the door from the outside and looking for gaps.
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    Tools List

    • grooving tool
      Grooving tool: can be rented
    • shop vacuum
      Shop vacuum
    • Nut screwdriver
      Small slot-head screwdriver
    • roller spline
      Spline roller
    • router
      Router with edge guide and ½-inch straight bit
    • drill
    • hacksaw

    Shopping List


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