Step 4: Brush

Pour a small amount of liquid shellac into a plastic container. Brush it evenly onto the spot, recharging the bristles every three or four strokes. Shellac dries quickly; add alcohol to the container if it gets too thick. Wait an hour for the first coat to harden, then brush another coat over a slightly broader area. Repeat, waiting an hour between coats, until the new finish is level with the old.
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    Tools List

    • Artist's Brush
      Artist's Brush

    Shopping List

    1. Naphtha
    Cleans the old finish

    2. Denatured alcohol
    Softens old shellac and thins the new

    3. Artist's brush
    Natural bristles only

    4. Shellac flakes
    Also available premixed

    5. Cotton cloth

    6. Alcohol-soluble wood dye
    Darkens shellac to match old finish

    7. Tinted furniture wax
    Blends into crevices better than clear wax