Step 6: Finish

Next, pull up on the lower flex vent and tug down on the upper vent until the two ends meet midway between the dryer and ceiling. The ends of the vents have specially designed quick-lock fittings that snap together—no band clamp is needed.

After you've made all of the necessary connections, it's time to test out the revamped vent system. Turn on your dryer and verify that air is blowing through the vent hood that's mounted on the outside of your house.
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    Tools List

    • ratcheting screwdriver
    • Dryer Vent Brush
      Dryer Vent Brush

    Shopping List


    2. A VENT KIT
    Including two 4-inch diameter * 4-foot-long round aluminum flex vent, two elbows, and two band clamps(whirlpool)