Step 1: Pull the dryer away from the wall

First, carefully pull the dryer away from the wall and disconnect the power cord. (If it's gas-fired, be sure to close the gas valve as well.) Next, use a screwdriver or nut driver to loosen the band clamp that secures the plastic vent to the exhaust outlet. Pull the vent off the outlet and vacuum away any lint you find inside the dryer. Then, disconnect the other end of the plastic vent from the ducting that goes outside. Again, use a vacuum cleaner to clear lint out of the round duct.
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    Tools List

    • ratcheting screwdriver
    • Dryer Vent Brush
      Dryer Vent Brush

    Shopping List


    2. A VENT KIT
    Including two 4-inch diameter * 4-foot-long round aluminum flex vent, two elbows, and two band clamps(whirlpool)