Step 8: Smooth the Putty

smoothing the putty witha  putty knife
Photo: Kindra Clineff
Starting in a corner, rest the putty knife's blade at about a 45-degree angle to the glass, with its tip on the top edge of the rabbet and one corner on the glass.

Flatten the blade against the putty with your index finger and maintain the angle as you pull the knife along one side of the pane.

Leave a neat crease in the corner — then collect the excess putty.

For the remaining sides, set the blade tip on the crease and repeat the tooling process.

TIP:If the knife pulls the putty off the glass, clean the blade and try again.
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    Tools List

    • putty knife
      ½-inch putty knife,
      For tooling putty; should be flexible and clean.
    • painter's tool
      5-in-1 Painter's tool,
      For scraping out old putty.
    • electric heat gun
      Heat gun,
      For softening old putty.
    • paintbrush
      1-inch paint brush,
      For priming sash.

    Shopping List

    1. GLASS
    For pane dimensions, measure the opening from top to bottom and side to side, then subtract 1/8 inch from each measurement.

    Protects undamaged glass from heat.

    Hold glass against sash. Tom uses push-type points with shoulders.

    Seals the edge of the glass against the weather. Tom uses an oil-based product in a can.

    Seals wood against moisture; extends putty life.