Step 7: Add Chlorine to the System

Clearing the filtration system
Photo: Craig Raine
• If you have a chlorinator, a tubelike tank next to the filter, it's a great way to introduce chlorine—in the form of slow-dissolving sticks—into your pool.

• You can also use a floating container, but it can be a danger if small children get their hands on it.

• Read the packaging and calculate the number of sticks needed for the pool based on the water volume. Add more in hot weather, when the heater is on, or when the pool is in more frequent use.

• Finally, check the pool's water level, refilling if it's less than half way up the skimmer well mouth.
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    Tools List

    • Pool Vac
      Pool Vacuum w/ Nylon Brush Extension
      for removing algae around the pool
    • scrub brush
      Scrub Brush
      for removing algae on concrete

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    3. SODA ASH