Step 5: Backwash the Filter

• Turn the filter valve to "backwash" to redirect water flow.

• Most pools use one of three kinds of filter: sand, diatomaceous earth (DE), or cartridge. In a sand filter—no longer used in new construction—sand blocks dirt and oil; the backwash directs the dirty water to a waste line leading to the ground or a storm drain. With a DE filter, the claylike remains of marine organisms do the filtering and the backwash directs the dirt into a filter bag (empty every other week and replace every few years). Replenish the DE by sprinkling it into the skimmer well. A cartridge filer is a removable unit that you hose off and reinsert. Consider replacing sand with a DE or cartridge system; both clean better, save water, and are better for the environment.
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    Tools List

    • Pool Vac
      Pool Vacuum w/ Nylon Brush Extension
      for removing algae around the pool
    • scrub brush
      Scrub Brush
      for removing algae on concrete

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    3. SODA ASH