Installing the hose weight.
Photo: Kolin Smith

Step 7: Install the hose weight

Pull-out faucets have a weight in the middle of the hose that not only limits how far you can extend the hose but also helps it retract back into the spout. Measure 15 inches down from the underside of the faucet on the spray hose. Fit the two parts of the weight around the hose at this point and screw it together.

Pull the faucet out of the spout to test the distance and the retracting action. Move the weight if necessary. Be careful not to put it so far down on the hose that it rests on the floor of the cabinet, or the spray head won't retract all the way.
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    Tools List

    • bucket
    • basin wrench
      Basin wrench
    • adjustable wrench
      2 adjustable wrenches
    • flathead screwdriver
      Flat-head screwdriver

    Shopping List

    1. FAUCET

    Usually comes with everything necessary for installation, except braided supply lines.


    Needed to connect faucets that have rigid tubing.


    if necessary, to cover holes in the sink rim or the countertop when replacing a three-hole faucet.