Step 8: Install the door pulls

For flat doors, measure 36 inches from the floor on each leading door. Then mark the center, side-to-side, at that height. For paneled doors, find the center of the middle rail instead. Hold a straightedge diagonally from corner to corner on the rail, draw a line in the middle, then switch to the other diagonal and cross the line. The X marks the rail's center.

Drill 3/16?inch holes at each mark and screw on door pulls.

Cut a piece of 1x2 stock the width of the closet opening to conceal the track. Prime the trim and let it dry. Use a 1/16?inch bit to drill pilot holes through the underside of the trim into the header. Screw the trim to the header with 2½?inch trim screws. Fill the screw holes, then paint the trim to match the casing.
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    Tools List

    • combination square
      Combination square
    • drill
    • self-centering bit
      Centering bit,
      for drilling pilot holes for hinge screws
    • hack saw
      for trimming track to fit opening
    • plumb bob
      Plumb bob,
      for aligning hardware above and below door
    • extender flexible bit
      Bit extender,
      for reaching into tight spaces with drill
    • hand saw
      for cutting finish trim that hides the track

    Shopping List

    1. DOORS

    Bifold doors are available for sale, but custom-ordered doors can also be assembled into folding doors, as long as they're resized to fit your needs. [BR]When measuring the closet opening, account for a small gap around and between the doors. [BR]Measure the horizontal opening of your doors, subtract 13/16 inch, and divide by 4 to get the individual door width. Measure vertically and subtract 2 and 7/8 inches to get its height.


    The hardware that comes with bifold-door set can be flimsy. We've found its often best to order separate hardware[EMDASH]a kit that includes the track, the hinges, and all the pins and pivot plates[EMDASH]for a smoother, longer-lasting operation. A couple of companies, like Johnson, offer heavy-duty tracks that make the doors glide smoothly.


    Smaller cabinet knobs will get lost on a larger door, so look for "wardrobe knobs" or any knob that is 1 and 3/4 inches or bigger in diameter.


    You'll need just one piece to create a valance under the header to hide the track.

    5. 21/2-INCH TRIM SCREWS

    For attaching the 1x2 stock.