Step 7: Screw door to firebox floor

Carefully slide the door into the firebox opening. Check that no insulation is sticking out around the edge of the frame.

Make sure the door is flush to the face of the firebox. Reach inside and twist sheet-metal screws through the bottom brackets and into the lead anchors.

Using a socket wrench, tighten the screws to secure the unit to the brick.

Tip: Be careful not to tighten the screws too much or you may loosen the anchor in the brick or break off the head of the screw.
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    Tools List

    • droplight
    • Phillips screwdriver
      Phillip's head driver
    • drill
    • hammer
    • gloves
    • socket wrench
      Socket wrench
    • needlenose pliers

    Shopping List


    Comes with everything you will need for the installation, including all brackets, screws, anchors, and insulation. [BR] Many doors come in standard sizes, and larger distributors keep popular sizes in stock. Otherwise, you will need to order the door, which can take up to eight weeks. [BR]Measure the size of your firebox opening, both horizontally and vertically. Make sure to measure in a couple of places and note the smallest measurement for each so the door will slide into the space. Also measure the width and height of your surround between any protruding parts of the mantel. A narrow surround may require a smaller door to accommodate the overlap at the firebox edge.