Oak construction ensures that this carryall will last season after season.

Download a cut-list to build a garden tool tote here.

Cut list
For a tool tote that measures 19½ inches long by 9¼ inches wide by 17 inches tall. 1x6 oak for the front and back: two @ 18 inches

1x10 oak for the sides: two @ 16½ inches

1¼-inch oak dowel for the handle: one @ 18 inches

½-by-6-inch oak pieces for the bottom: two @ 19½ inches, ripped to 4½ inches wide
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    Tools List

    • 100-foot tape measure
      Tape measure
    • steel-rule straightedge
    • pencil
    • circular saw
      Circular saw or jigsaw
    • hand clamps
    • drill
    • Forstner bit
      1 5/16-inch Forstner bit
    • Painter's Tape
      Masking tape
    • air compressor
      Air compressor
    • pneumatic brad nailer
      Brad nailer
    • sandpaper
      220-grit sandpaper
    • tack cloth
      Tack cloth
    • Chamois or lint-free rag
      Lint-free rag

    Shopping List

    1x6 oak for the front and back Get one 3-foot length.

    1x10 oak for the sides Get one 3-foot length.

    1¼ inch oak dowel for the handle Get one 3-foot length.

    ½-by-6-inch oak scants for the bottom Get one 4-foot length.

    1½-inch brads

    Wood glue

    Wood filler

    Linseed oil

    Mineral spirits