Overview for How-to Install a Flat-Weave Cotton Stair Runner
Illustration: Gregory Nemec


Saturday Morning: Size and install the carpet padding (Steps 1–5).
Saturday Afternoon: Staple down the runner (Steps 6-12).

28-inch-wide felt carpet padding: one at 18 linear feet

30-inch-wide flat-weave cotton runner: two at 12 feet to cover 22 linear feet (14 stairs)

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    Tools List

    • 100-foot tape measure
      Tape measure
    • combination square
      Combination square
    • chalk line
      Chalk line
    • carpet scissors
    • straightedge guide
      3-foot straightedge
    • black marker
      Felt-tip marker
    • staple gun
      Staple gun
    • flat prybar
      Thin pry bar
    • pneumatic staple gun
      Narrow-crown pneumatic stapler and air compressor
    • bolster chisel
      Bolster chisel

    Shopping List

    Felt carpet padding to cushion the runner

    Flat-weave cotton runner(s)

    Double-sided carpet tape to adhere the top end of the runner-inch staples for the staple gun to secure the padding

    1-inch 18-gauge narrow-crown staples for the pneumatic stapler, to secure the runner