exploded view illustration of lamppost construction
Illustration: Gregory Nemec


Day-to-day timeline

SATURDAY: Cut to size and shape the cedar boards (Steps 1–7).
SUNDAY: Assemble the lamppost and install it (Steps 8–17).

Pathway Lamppost Cut List

2x4 post: 1 @ 6 feet
2x4 crossarm: 1 @ 12½ inches
2x4 crossarm: 1 @ 3 inches

1x6 post cladding: 2 @ 4¾ inches with a 45-degree beveled top
1x6 post cladding: 2 @ 36 inches
1x6 crossarm cladding: 2 @ 27 inches with 1-inch noses and 45-degree angled ends
2x10 base trim: 2 @ 6 inches
2x10 base trim: 2 @ 7½ inches

Both pieces with a 45-degree beveled edge at the top and measured between long points of the mitered ends

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    Tools List

    • miter saw
      sliding-compound miter saw
    • drill
    • circular saw
      circular saw to cut wiring channel
    • cold chisel
      ¾-inch chisel to clear waste wood from wiring channel
    • hammer
    • combination square
      combination square
    • caulk gun
      caulking gun
    • pneumatic finish nailer
      pneumatic finishing nailer
    • flush-cut handsaw
      flush-cutting handsaw to trim dowel rods
    • sledge hammer
      3-pound sledgehammer to set lamppost
    • two-foot level
      2-foot level
    • random orbit sander
      random-orbit sander

    Shopping List

    24 common cedar board. Get one 8-footer to make the center post and lantern arm.

    16 clear cedar boards. Get two 8-foot lengths to clad the post.

    210 clear cedar board. Get one 6-footer to wrap the base of the post.

    construction adhesive

    2- and 2½-inch-long finishing nails for a pneumatic nailer

    -inch hardwood dowel

    -inch-diameter spade bit waterproof carpenter's glue to glue dowel rods in place

    polyurethane glue for mitered joints on the decorative base

    100-grit disks for the random-orbit sander

    1-inch screw hook for hanging the lantern or light fixture

    copper candle lantern

    low-voltage land-scape light fixture (optional)

    transformer (optional)

    12-volt cable (optional)

    cable staples (optional)