Half-inch plywood is plenty sturdy for our desktop, which is 27 by 48 inches. If you want a wider or deeper desk, opt for ¾-inch plywood, or affix stringers to the underside of the desktop to prevent sagging.


You can use the cut list below or download the cut list to build a desk with storage hutch here.

Acrylic tabletop: 1 @ 27 by 48 inches. Cut on your line, rather than beside it, to the outside for a slightly easier fit within the molding.

½-inch plywood desktop: 1 @ 27 by 48 inches

½-inch plywood back: 1 @ 7 ¾ by 41 ½inches*

½-inch plywood sides: 2 @ 7 ¾ by 20 ½ inches*

*Measurement may vary with leg style. To determine the height of the back and sides, measure the square post portion at the top of the leg.

½-inch plywood cubby sides: 2 @ 7 ¾ by 12 inches

½-inch plywood cubby top and bottom: 2 @ 12 by 13 inches

1x3 apron: 1 @ 27 ½ inches

1x2 cleat: 1 @ 41 ½ inches

1x2 cleat: 2 @ 20 ½ inches

1x2 cleat: 1 @ 27 ½ inches

1x2 cleat: 6 @ 6 ½ inches

1x2 cleat: 2 @ 1 ¾ inches

1x2 strip: 1 @ 14 inches

Hutch shelves: 2 cut to size between the vertical dividers and depth of the hutch

¼x5 vertical dividers: 3 @ desired height; make them at least 4 ¼ inches tall to accommodate a standard envelope. Cut to the depth of the cabinet.

Hardboard: 1 cut to the height and width of the cabinet.
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    Tools List

    • circular saw
      Circular saw
    • miter saw
      Miter saw
    • utility knife
      Utility knife
    • straightedge guide
    • drill
    • brad nailer
      Brad nailer

    Shopping List

    1. ½-inch plywood to make the desktop, back, sides, and cubby.
    Get a 4x8-foot sheet.

    2. 1x3 to make the apron.
    Get a 3-foot piece.

    3. 1x2 to make the cleats.
    Get two 8-foot boards.

    4. ¾-inch molding to trim the hutch.
    Get two 6-foot lengths.

    5. 1-inch molding to trim the desktop's front and sides.
    Get two 6-foot lengths.

    6. 29-inch legs.
    Get four.

    7. Acrylic sheeting.
    Get a piece you can cut to 27 by 48 inches.

    8. Small cabinet to make into a hutch.
    We used a ClosetMaid 3-Shelf 12-inch Wood Laminate Storage cabinet with door from Lowe's.9. ¼x5 lumber to make mail-slot dividers for the hutch.
    Get at least 4 feet.

    10. Hardboard.
    Get a piece the size of the back of the cabinet; you'll attach it to the hutch in place of the cabinet's back, which isn't designed to take paint.

    11. 1-inch brad nails

    12. 1 -inch brad nails

    13. 1-inch screws

    14. 2-inch screws