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Cut List
Our list is based on table legs with a 2¼-by-2¼- inch section on top that's 5 inches long. This unturned portion of post provides the flats to attach the apron pieces; its width will affect the dimensions of the tabletop frame, so be sure to adjust your measurements accordingly if you go with legs of a different size.

1x5 apron: 2 @ 22½ inches

1x5 apron: 2 @ 46½ inches

1x1 support strips and edge strips: 2 @ 21 inches

1x1 support strips: 2 @ 45 inches

1x1 screw strips: 8 @ 4½ inches

Baseboard for tabletop frame: 2 @ 26½ inches (tip to tip)

Baseboard for tabletop frame: 2 @ 53½ inches (tip to tip)

1x1 edge strips: 2 @ 26½ inches (tip to tip)

1x1 edge strips: 2 @ 53½ inches (tip to tip)

Acrylic sheet: 1 @ 27 by 51 inches

½-inch plywood bottom: 1 @ 24 by 48 inches
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    Tools List

    • miter saw
      Miter saw
    • jigsaw
    • drill
      Drill/driver fitted with a countersink drill bit
    • pneumatic finish nailer
      Pneumatic nail gun

    Shopping List

    1. ½-inch plywood to make the floor. Get a 24-by-48-inch piece.

    2. Baseboard to make the tabletop fame. Get two 8-foot boards.

    3. 1x5 to make the apron. Get two 8-foot boards.

    4. 1x1 to make the cleats and the lip of the tabletop frame. Get three 8-foot boards.

    5. Table legs. Get four.

    6. Acrylic sheet. Get a piece at least 30 by 60 inches. 7. 1-inch nails

    8. 2-inch nails

    9. 1 ¼-inch screws

    10. 2-inch screws

    11. Permanent marker

    12. Wood glue

    13. A cyanoacrylate glue, such as Super Glue