Cut the Pieces
Cut parts to size and make two handle cutouts per the cut list below:

Cut List

1x2 leg pieces: four @ 23 inches
1x3 leg pieces: four @ 23 inches

beadboard panel, front and back: two @ 21 by 17 ¾ inches
beadboard panel, sides: two @ 21 by 11 inches

1x3 crosspieces: four @ 15 inches
1x3 crosspieces: four @ 8 inches (from two of these, cut a centered 4½-by-1-inch handle hole with rounded ends)

1x3 floor supports: two @ 10 ¼ inches
floor (beadboard or plywood): one @ 17 by 10 inches

1x3 lid frame: two @ 20½ inches
1x3 lid frame: two @ 7 ¾ inches
beadboard panel, lid: one @ 18½ by 11 inches
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    Tools List

    • circular saw
      circular saw
    • miter saw
      miter saw
    • jigsaw
    • brad nailer
      brad nailer
    • drill

    Shopping List

    1x2 Get one 8-foot length for the four narrower leg pieces.

    1x3 Get three 8-foot lengths for the four wider leg pieces, crosspieces, floor supports, and lid frame

    -inch beadboard plywood Get half of a 4x8 sheet to make the panels and floor (½-inch plywood can also be used for the floor)2-inch trim-head screws to secure upper crosspieces to the legs.

    -inch brad nails

    Wood glue

    Butt hinge Get two.

    Top hinge Get one.

    Sash handle Get one, if using.