Ornate window guards, like the ones shown here at Demolition Depot in New York City, range from $300 to $3,000. Simpler ones can be found on eBay and at house-part recycling centers for less than $100.

For my wall-mount rack, I bought a simple 3-foot-tall wrought-iron guard with two widely spaced twisted rails from Pasadena Architectural Salvage for $90.

Hang your rack within arm's reach of the range so that pots will be easily accessible. You can get hooks at Eagle Emporium
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    Tools List

    • level
    • ratchet wrench
      Ratchet wrench
    • drill
    • Pencil

    Shopping List

    1. Salvaged iron window guard from Demolition Depot

    2. Renaissance wax polish from Amazon

    3. Wrought iron S hooks from Eagle Emporium4. Anchoring hardware that's appropriate for your wall type

    5. Rustoleum American Accents black spray paint from Kmart