Cut List for Building an Open Shelving Unit

1x12 shelves: 5 @ 5 feet
spindles: 16 @ 17 inches (Cut equal lengths off each end.)
-inch dowels: 12 @ 2 inches
1x2 nailing strips: 1 @ 60 inches, 2 @ 10 inches
1x4 base: 3 (Custom miter to length.)
crown molding: 3 (Custom miter to length.)
base supports: 2 @ 10¾L x 2¾H (Make from shelf cutoff.)

Download a printable cut list and plan here

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    Tools List

    • miter saw
      miter saw
    • brad nailer
      pneumatic nail gun
    • drill
      drill/driver fitted with -inch paddle bit and 1/8-inch drill bit

    Shopping List

    1x12 plank shelves Get five 6-foot shelves.

    1x4 Get an 8-foot board.

    1x2 Get an 8-foot board.

    2x2 turned spindles Get 16.

    crown molding Get 10 feet.

    -inch dowel Get 3 feet.½-inch painter's tape

    1-inch finishing nails

    1½-inch finishing nails

    3-inch deck screws

    wood glue