Plants to Propagate

Any tender perennial—plants grown as annuals wherever there's a sustained hard freeze—can be grown from simple-to-take cuttings. Harvest small stems before the first prolonged frost, pot them up indoors, and they'll take root over the winter in time to fill in bare areas in your landscape come spring. Just park them on a south-facing windowsill and watch them grow.

See more plants suitable for propagating.

Pictured: Variegated coleus makes a colorful, shade-tolerant border and is easy to propagate.
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    Tools List

    • bypass pruners
    • scissors
      or Scissors
      (make sure they're clean and sharp)

    Shopping List

    1. Powdered or liquid rooting hormone

    2. Small pots or flats

    3. Sterile potting mix4. Plastic sheeting (½-mil)

    5. Potting soil