cut diagrams of three excise units of a pet agility course
Illustration: Jennifer Stimpson


Clean the printing off the pipes using clear PVC cleaner (optional). Mark each section of pipe to length using the cut list below. Cut all the sections using a pull saw. Write the length of each section at the end of the pipe where the marking will later be covered by a connector or end cap.

Cut List
(All 1½-inch pipe, unless otherwise noted)

Agility Jump (download plan here)
8 @ 12 inches
2 @ 48 inches
2 @ 5½ inches
2 @ 6½ inches
2 @ 15¼ inches

Weave Poles (download plan here)
4 @ 18½ inches
2 @ 12 inches
2 @ 24 inches
6 @ 40 inches

Teeter-Totter (download plan here)
8 @ 3¼ inches
8 @ 19 inches
4 @ 14½ inches
4 @ 12-inch
1 @ 12 inches (2-inch pipe)

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    Tools List

    • pvc saw
      Pull Saw
    • drill
      with 1/16-inch bit, 3/8-inch bit, 5/8-inch paddle bit
    • combination square
      Combination Square
    • hammer
    • block wood
      Wood Block

    Shopping List

    1 ½-inch schedule 40 PVC pipe. Get 100 feet.

    1 ½-inch PVC tees. Get 22.

    1 ½-inch PVC elbows. Get 10.

    1 ½-inch PVC end caps. Get 16.

    2-inch PVC. Get 12 inches.

    1x12 laminated shelving board. Get one 8-foot board

    2-inch U-strap. Get two.

    1½-inch 3/8-inch flathead bolts. Get four.

    3/8-inch washers. Get 16.

    3/8-inch locknuts. Get four.3/4-inch metal strapping

    3/4-inch sheet metal screws

    1-inch drywall screws

    Clear PVC cleaner

    Electrical tape in red, blue, and yellow

    Painter's tape

    Exterior primer

    Exterior flat paint in yellow

    Antiskid additive

    3 pounds of gravel