You can assemble 2x4 framing, cedar boards, and plywood shelves into a shallow, pitched-roof shed
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    Tools List

    • jigsaw
      Jig saw
    • circular saw
      Circular saw
    • drill

    Shopping List

    1. Pressure-treated 2x4 You'll need about 12 6-footers to build the frame.

    2. pressure-treated 1x2 You'll need six 6-footers to frame the door openings.

    3. Pressure-treated 2x6 You'll need a 4 foot length to build the header above the doors.

    4. Pressure-treated 1x3 You'll need eight 6-footers to reinforce and frame the doors.

    5. Pressure-treated plywood Pick up a 4x8 sheet to build the floor and shelves.6. Tongue-and-groove cedar boards Pick up enough 6-foot planks to sheathe the 80 square feet.

    7. Construction adhesive to help secure the sheathing to the frame.

    8. 1 5/8-inch ring-shank siding nails to attach the sheathing to the frame.

    9. 3-inch deck screws to assemble the 2x4 frame.

    10. Heavy-duty hinges to support the weight of the doors.