'Tis the season for receiving bottles of red and white as host gifts, so it's critical to have a spot to store your stash. But when we shopped for a small wine rack, we were, in a word, uninspired. Wire models felt cheap; Tinker Toy—like wood options looked rickety. What's a vino lover to do? DIY it, of course. This Old House general contractor Tom Silva showed us how to transform a wood planter and plywood into a simple wine rack that takes up little counter or table space. Even better: You can put it together in less time than it takes to cook the average holiday meal. And that's something to drink to.

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    Tools List

    • drill
    • brad nailer
      Brad-nail gun
    • miter saw
      Miter saw
    • finish hammer
      Hammer and pliers to knock out the bottom of the planter and remove nails

    Shopping List

    1. Planter box

    2. ¼-inch plywood
    Get a piece large enough to create two pieces sized to the height and width of the planter's opening.

    3. 1x2 to make scrap blocks or attachment strips for the bottle holders

    4. Wood glue to secure the bottle holder 5. -inch brad nails to secure the strips

    6. 220-grit sandpaper

    7. Dark spray paint for the planter's interior (we used black)

    8. Primer and satin or semigloss paint