By swapping a recessed can for a pendant, you can elegantly bring task lighting down from ceiling height to where it's needed. In this case, just above a kitchen sink.

To tie in with other accents, such as the chrome faucet and white tile backsplash, we chose a mini pendant with a polished-nickel finish and opal glass shade for $135 from a lighting shop (Schoolhouse Electric). You can find similar pendants at home centers for as little as $35.

Instead of calling an electrician, we used a $40 recessed-can conversion kit (The Can Converter) and wired up the pendant ourselves for a grand total of $175.

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    Tools List

    • drill
    • multi-bit screwdriver
    • wire strippers
      Wire stripper

    Shopping List

    1. Pendant

    2. Pendant shade

    3. Conversion kit4. Wire nuts

    5. Light bulb