Claw-foot tub interiors were coated in porcelain, but the outsides and feet were usually bare metal and periodically required a fresh coat of paint, typically white, to prevent rust. Metallic gold or silver feet were also common, and I had an old silvery finish in mind on a shopping trip to Zaborski Emporium, in Kingston, New York. I needed three matching feet to mount on the base of a galvanized-tin flower bucket to turn it into an umbrella stand. To preserve the feet's painted patina, and contain any harmful lead, I just brushed on a couple of coats of clear polyurethane.
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    Tools List

    • Natural Bristle Brush
    • pencil compass
    • jigsaw
    • table vise
    • drill
    • ratchet wrench

    Shopping List

    1. 3 Cast-iron Bathtub Feet, from salvage yards like Zaborski Emporium

    2. Clear Polyurethane

    3. Galvanized-tin Flower Bucket

    4. ¾-inch Plywood5. 2-inch Bolts with Nuts

    6. duct tape

    7. White Paint

    8. rag