Come summer, Tony DiGangi of Wellesley, Mass., can invariably be found out on the deck, barbecuing steak and burgers for a crowd. "We entertain a lot, and our grill is the social hub," he says. So when This Old House asked readers to design their own Home Center Project, Tony let his inner grill master do the thinking. He came up with a great idea for a place to store his cooking tools and set his platters of food—a cart assembled from wood planters and metal-wrapped plywood—and won the right to build his creation with TOH general contractor Tom Silva. With a few tweaks—hooks, hinges, and wheels—Tom turned Tony's idea into barbecue brilliance. The pair built the handsome deck accessory for about $150, so now DiGangi can set aside the cooking clutter and put the emphasis back on the steaks. "I'm always trying to get the grill marks just right," he confesses.
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    Tools List

    • circular saw
      Circular saw
    • drill
      Cordless drill with bit set
    • metal cutting snips
      Tin snips
    • adjustable pliers
    • bar clamps
    • hammer with nailset
      Hammer with nailset

    Shopping List

    1. two 14-inch-square wood planter boxes

    2. two cabinet door catches

    3. 4-by-4-foot sheet of ½-inch plywood

    4. 2-by-4-foot sheet of 0.09-mil galvanized sheet metal

    5. hooks6. two door pulls

    7. four 4-inch strap hinges

    8. four 3-inch casters with locks

    9. 2½-inch deck screws

    10. 1-inch deck screws

    11. 4d galvanized nails